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For some patients, traditional MRI exams can be uncomfortable, claustrophobic experiences. The Open MRI at Saint Pete MRI allows patients who have claustrophobic tendencies, to enjoy a stress free imaging experience in our state of the art Open MRI. 

Our Open MRI features Hitachi’s AIRIS II, a high-performance, premium open MRI system that delivers superior image quality using the latest clinical applications. The AIRIS II’s award-winning design and its leading-edge technology result in unmatched comfort for the patient and high-quality images for the referring physician and radiologist.

The innovative, open-air AIRIS II scanning chamber accommodates all patients, including claustrophobics, pediatrics, geriatrics, acute-care patients, and larger individuals.

The clinical advantages of AIRIS II include the following:

  • Complete array of RF coils and imaging technique protocols for superb resolution and tissue contrast in the following applications:
    • brain and orbits
    • upper and lower joints
    • spine
    • musculoskeletal
    • abdomen and pelvis
    • chest and cardiac
  • Magnetic resonance angiography for those patients needing evaluation of the intracranial circulation, carotid arteries, renal arteries, and so forth
  • Motion imaging in the patient’s specific area of pain, such as in shoulder imaging with the patient’s shoulder abducted, cervical spine imaging in flexion and extension, and other joints in flexion or extension